About Us

There are many different office supplies companies to choose from in the UK, from big multinational conglomerates to small regional independents. Why do we deserve to be your supplier of choice?

Because we do our best, to do what’s best.
We offer a refreshing alternative to other suppliers by working to build long term relationships with our customers, becoming a partner rather than just another supplier.

How do we do it?
We earn trust from our customers, trust that we will look at ways of saving them money, without reducing quality of product; trust that they will get what they order, not some cheap alternative; trust that they are dealing with a reliable, honest and ethical company with a sustainable audited supply chain.

We also try and make it enjoyable!
It’s important to us that your experience with Office Smart is enjoyable! Everyone from our customer service team to your own dedicated delivery driver has been trained to make you feel a bit more positive about your day!